Tee Lordit

ja pelasta Suomi

Press Conference

Kohtelias ja sujuvasanainen Mr. Lordi selittää asian itse. (odota hetki, video latautuu)

Jos video ei toimi, tässä linkki.

"This is a victory for rock music...but also, it was a victory for open-mindedness...I know there are a lot of Eurovision fans, that belong to minorities...and you cannot find a smaller minority than Lordi. There are a lot of metal fans that don't think Lordi is a metal band. They say, "Nonono Lordi is a crappy pop band. And you know pop bands, they think, "Nonono, Lordi's way too brutal, it's metal."...But now, suddenly, a hard rock band, looking like monsters, won the Eurovision. And Finland won the Eurovision! Now European people, they actually showed that times change, there are more different kinds of musical styles than just pop or ballads. Those are nice too, but I think this was proof that from now on, I hope that there are bands, more rock bands, more metal bands who will have the courage to join in. Because this was proof that there are rock fans watching Eurovision. So maybe, in a few years, we'll see some metal bands, you'll see some hip hop acts, you'll see all sorts of different variations and musical styles. And I think that should be the key of Eurovision."

England rocks

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